Thursday, 23 July 2015

Septic System Dos and Don'ts

There are many things that might not seem so bad that are actually very damaging to your septic system. Here are some of the essential dos and don’ts that will help you take the best care of your septic tank and avoid costly repairs.

Do Get It Pumped Regularly

The first thing that you need to remember to do regarding your septic tank is to get it pumped regularly. Septic system pumping in Santa Cruzhelps keep your septic tank running in good condition and also avoids certain issues that might start smell but have the potential to get much bigger.

Don’t Rinse Grease Down the Sink

Grease and greasy foods stick to the sides of your plumbing and also reduce the effectiveness of the natural bacteria that exist in your septic tank. Avoid clogs and expensive repair by collecting grease in a separate container and throwing it out with the trash.

Do Use Your Garbage Can When Possible

Whenever possible, use your garbage can for food scraps and other garbage that might be tempting to put down the garbage disposal. One of the biggest mistakes people make with their plumbing and septic system is using a garbage disposal as a trash receptacle.

Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners might be effective for cleaning your sinks, toilets and tubs in your home. However, these cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can destroy the bacteria that your septic tank needs to function. Instead, use household alternatives such as yeast, baking soda, and distilled white vinegar.

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