Thursday, 23 July 2015

When Do I Need Sewer Repair?

If your drains are running slowly and there are yucky smells coming from them, it may be time for sewer repair in Escondido. While you may want to avoid the expense and try to ignore it, don’t. It can lead to bigger problems down the road, from pipe damage to flooding to contaminated groundwater.

A sewer system typically lasts about 40 years, so if yours is older you may need to replace it. If your house is new but you are connected to older pipes, it could be a problem as well. However if yours is newer, you likely just have a blockage or other problem that is relatively easy to remedy.

Sewage coming back out of drains is the most obvious sign that you need sewer repair in Escondido, but there are usually much earlier warning signs. You may hear a loud gurgling that wasn’t there before. Of course, an awful smell coming from the drain is also a good indicator.

When the drains aren’t running as smoothly as they should, there are several potential culprits. Kitchen sinks often become blocked by grease build up; plumbers recommend never pouring grease down the drain. Also, seals between plumbing can break, so water leaks out slowly instead of pouring down the entire line as it should.
As with anything, as drains get older they being to deteriorate. When they do, they become susceptible to plant growth. Tree roots often make their way around and into pipelines. Animals have even been known to build nests inside of them as well. Any of these problems can restrict water flow.

Fortunately, determining the problem doesn’t have to be guess work. A professional plumber can use a sewer camera designed to go inside the actual pipes. He or she can then take video pictures of the pipework and identify potential problems. Experts suggest having a pipe checkup done once per year to check for potential issues before they turn into complications.

If you have a small blockage, a plumber will likely start work with a drain auger. It is a long, flexible cable that can bend through your plumbing; when it reaches the clog, it can break it up into small pieces so it will clear the line. He or she may also use a high pressure hose to move out other debris.\

Foul smells and sluggish drains are prime indicators that your need sewer repair in Escondido. They may be the result of blocked pipes, loose seals or a decaying system. Visit this website for more information.

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